Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Amy Peters Inspirational Jewelry

Eight years old is a little young to pick your career, but that's just what Amy Peters did. It all started with an after school program in jewelry enameling. In highschool, she worked an after school job as a pearl knotter. In college, she worked in a bead shop. After college she continued to perfect her craft but treated it more as a hobby than a career. Over the years she worked working various jobs, everything from retail sales and a kidney transplant coordinator at a hospital's blood center.

A prominent artist once told her "if you haven't used your art to make a living within 5 years of graduating art school, you probably never will." It had been 4 1/2 years, so she lept. She set up a studio in a small (9' x 15') shed with a dirt floor & no running water and Amy Peters' Studio was born. Thirteen years later, and she's still going strong. Her sterling silver jewelry is stamped with wonderful inspirational messages...Follow Your Heart...Reach for the Stars...Take the Road Less Traveled. I give her necklaces as gifts a lot and they are always a hit.

On a side note, she's a great person to share a pitcher of margaritas with!

Click here to check out Amy's blog.
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