Monday, November 9, 2009

The Birds Are Back In Town

No, I'm not talking about the snowbirds (although, they are back too). I'm talking about those wild, wacky, wonderful long legged birds from artist Aletha Rector.

These birds have always been very popular, but due to an artist illness, we haven't had any in quite some time. Aletha's better now and up & running, or maybe I should say up & potting. We're thrilled to have a small flock of birds right now. And they've brought some friends! Along with the birds, there are sheep, camels and bunnies.

A Florida native, Aletha learned the basics of clay while residing on the island of Okinawa. Many years later and a continent away, she has developed these early lessons into her own unique style and method. She sculpts each creature in clay and kiln-fires, then pit-fires them to achieve it's unusual color and texture. She's basically a one woman operation, except for a little help from her husband (he pours the cement bases for the birds).

My favorite part of the birds....because they come apart, you can change their socks! Dress them up for the holidays. I've got a bag of Christmas socks waiting in the wings for our flock.

See the whole flock and their friends at Random Acts of Art.

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