Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bonnie Perry - Bold Glass Jewelry

A native of Cape Cod, MA Bonnie Perry found her love of creating at the torch in the early 2000's. For the past seven years, Bonnie has perfected the art of glass beadmaking.

Melting rods of Italian glass in a torch, she coaxes glass into shapes to form beads. The hollow beads are then annealed to insure that the bead is sturdy. She then turns these miniature glass sculptures into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that are bold and daring.

"My respect for the flow of the glass and its properties makes the glass and I equal partners in this creative process. My artistic journey began with exploring color, design and texture using textiles, and today I continue that exploration with glass which is a mix of art and science. The colors in glass come from their metallic content. Melting colored glass rods is combining metals in heat. The possibilities are endless and always exciting. My current work is big, bold and whimsical and reflects the joy and excitement with which I embrace each new day. What will come next? I’m open to the journey and will follow the flow of the glass."
Teaching her gift to others is one of her passions. Her seven year old grandson has been known to work at the torch alongside Bonnie.

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